Preventative Lighting Maintenance Services
Preventative Lighting Maintenance Services

Since the 1970’s Aetna Corp has been performing preventative lighting maintenance services for our retail, grocery and financial institutions.  Our lighting expertise allows us to cater to your needs anywhere in New England or the Mid-Atlantic.  Covering 13 East Coast states + Washington, DC, Aetna Corp’s has a variety of lighting management programs.

Aetna Corp’s team of highly skilled technicians and electricians provide the following services:

  • Lighting inspections and services on Monthly, Bi-Monthly & Quarterly intervals
    • Spot Relamping, Ballast Replacement, Fixture Cleaning, Fixture Repairs, Fixture Installations & Lamp Recycling
    • LED installation & maintenance
  • On-Demand/Reactive Services
  • Emergency lighting inspections
    • Adhering to local and federal jurisdictions
    • On-Demand Capability
  • Managing Lighting Budgets

Our Preventative Lighting Maintenance Services allow your stores and branches to look as great as they were intended.  Our services ensure your customers have a great experience in your stores and branches!