Energy – Lighting & Controls Upgrades/Retrofits
Energy Solutions for Commercial & Industrial Clients

Aetna Corp’s history in lighting allows for us to bring a plethora of knowledge to your space.  We provide energy solutions for commercial & industrial clients in New England and the Mid-Atlantic.  Our project range from 1-million plus square foot warehouses, multi-site roll-outs, and even single fixture swap-outs.  Energy solutions for Commercial & Industrial Clients varies depending on the nuances of your space.  We find that 80% of what is needed is the similar but Aetna Corp pays close attention to the other 20%.  Our specialty is providing the best LED lighting solutions for your space based on your needs.  We back our installations with an industry leading warranty on material AND labor!  We want you to be confident with your decision for a long time.

An article written by Aetna Corp regarding the benefits of Lighting Upgrades in Commercial and Industrial spaces appeared in Bill Gladstone’s Commercial Real Estate Review in the First Quarter of 2017.  Bill Gladstone’s Commercial Real Estate Review – Starting on Page 8.

As indicated in the article Aetna Corp also considers network controls for all of our applications.  There are tremendous benefits to including network controls to your space.

During our lighting audit, we will take a physical inventory of your space indicating:

  • Type of application and tasks involved
  • Use of the space
  • Identifying trends within the space
    • Retail:  Type of merchandise being sold and high margin/volume merchandise.
    • Office:  Do the employees have desk lamps because the general lighting is too low?
    • Warehouse:  Is there special task lighting in areas of high detail oriented work?
    • Outdoor:  Are there any tree’s blocking existing lighting, possibly rendering the current lighting inneffective?
  • Lighting control options
    • For lighting management
    • Increased savings
    • Possible deterant
    • Increased utility incentives