Energy – Lighting & Controls Upgrades/Retrofits

Aetna Corp. uses our Safety, Performance, Savings (SPS) approach to making recommendations to your space.

During our lighting audit, we will take a physical inventory of your space indicating

  • Type of application and tasks involved
  • Use of the space
  • Identifying trends within the space
    • Retail:  Type of merchandise being sold and high margin/volume merchandise.
    • Office:  Do the employees have desk lamps because the general lighting is too low?
    • Warehouse:  Is there special task lighting in areas of high detail oriented work?
    • Outdoor:  Are there any tree’s blocking existing lighting, possibly rendering the current lighting inneffective?
  • Lighting control options
    • For lighting management
    • Increased savings
    • Possible deterant
    • Increased utility incentives