Who we are

For over 90 years Aetna Corp has been implementing innovative lighting, controls, and electrical technologies.  We understand that nuances occur in every space. Our focus is to guide each customer to the right decision and within budget.  We begin with asking questions to understand the desired outcome, which include:

  • Retailers looking to increase sales
  • Office spaces improving occupant comfort
  • Distribution centers seeking better efficiency

In listening to our customers, we have added to our capabilities including the installation and service of:

  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations
  • Internet of Things (IoT) technologies

Our decades of experience with installing, programming and commissioning complex control systems alongside our exceptional team of electricians throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic has allowed us to seamlessly install and program these new systems. These burgeoning technologies give our customers access to networks and big data to make important strategic decisions to improve their organizations.

A forward thinking perspective partnered with decades of valuable experience has enabled Aetna Corp. to remain one of the most innovative and trusted companies in the field.  We are committed to providing the latest technologies with a concentration on customer service.

Let us know how Aetna Corp can help you!