Who we are

For nearly 90 years Aetna Corp. has been implementing new technologies and industry improvements.  Now more than ever, this is true.  From the early adoption of fluorescent technology in retail spaces in the 1950’s to metal halide exeteriors in the 80’s and now controlled LED systems in commercial and industrial spaces, Aetna Corp has led the advancements of progressive lighting technologies.  When Aetna Corp makes recommendations, we focus on Safety, Performance & Savings (SPS).  We know lighting and we listen to our customers, educate them on the options and guide them to the best solution.  While many businesses have similarities, we understand the nuances that make you different.  Whether you are a retailer trying to sell more product or an office space looking to increase productivity, we can help!

With nearly a century of servicing commercial, industrial and retail businesses, Aetna Corp. is only getting started. A forward thinking perspective partnered with years of valuable experience has enabled Aetna Corp. to remain one of the most innovative and trusted companies in the field.

S+P+S = Innovative Lighting Solutions Since 1927.

Contact Us Aetna is committed to providing the latest in lighting technology at the highest level of customer service. Please let us know how we can serve you.