In celebrating our 90th anniversary it’s important to take a moment and reflect on our many valued customers and associates that have contributed to Aetna’s success. I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks for the confidence and support you all have given Aetna over the years.

The evolution of technology over the last 90 years has been remarkable. Since inception in 1927, Aetna Corp has prided itself on educating the market on new lighting and technology trends.

In 2017, we find ourselves in a world of exponential growth in connectivity between lighting and technology. LED lighting and IoT (Internet of Things) are converging with the promise to bring unparalleled experience to our lives within our environment.

Today, more than ever, we at Aetna Corp. are prepared to educate and guide our customers in this ever changing environment. It’s important to envision a lighting system beyond switches, sensors, and controls. One must look at the strategy needed to optimize how it interacts within the installed environment both today and in the future.

We at Aetna look forward to continued support of our industry and our customers through this fast paced evolution of connected lighting and its interaction with our environment.

Thank you,
C. Charles Occhino
President & CEO